Pourtal Wine Tasting Bar


Stand alone retail interior

Merchandising Need

Build a prototype store that will have Los Angeles talking! Make it inviting and elegant; a place to have fun and feel comfortable. Ensure the small space does not feel cramped or confined.


  • Room for the customers to loiter and enjoy the wine
  • Show off the wine dispensers, the key to the concept
  • Quality environment that will stand the test of time
  • Use sustainable materials and be conscience of environmental constraints

Kosakura Solution

In working with Portal’s architect, Kosakura developed this wine bar concept to be hip yet comfortable. We used LEED certified woods with dark soy stains to give the environment a warm, inviting feel. Kosakura thought thru the designs to ensure the fixtures would be e

Unique Challenges

We built the fixtures to ensure knowing the wine equipment needed to be serviced and possibly replaced in time. Those same fixtures also had to be shipped and installed in a very small environment with a very shallow doorway.


The public has embraced Portal as a fun place to taste some wine with family and friends, as testified in their Yelp ratings (www.yelp).



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