Osh, Orchard Supply and Home Centers

Merchandising Need

OSH redesigned their stores to be more early California with a gold rush feel to the stores. The entire store, cash wraps, customer service counters, paint center etc…was built by Kosakura. We were also asked to design and fabricate some specialty fixtures that would be used as merchandising spaces throughout the store.


  • Large enough to hold a sizeable amount of SKU’s
  • Waterproof and weatherproof
  • Portable so associates can move from one department to another easily

Kosakura Solution

Kosakura designed and built railway mining carts, wheel barrows and large farmer carts for OSH. These units were made to look rustic, yet had an infrastructure to make sure they would hold up in the stores over time.

Unique Challenges

Getting the style and “flavor” of the period was difficult. These pieces needed to look nice, but not so nice that they looked new. We stained the units with marine grade stain and weathered the units to look like period pieces.

The initial design concepts did not include movable units. The wheels on the units were not designed to move and we had issues with the units as they were rolled. Our second set of prototypes included a reinforced metal sub structure that had a hidden caster system that allowed the units to move moved easily and securely.


These units have been a hit in the stores. The associates can now use the units as decorative pieces and merchandise product within each department using the proper unit. OSH will be rolling these units to many other stores as they have helped sales and merchandising.



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