Mr. Clean

Mr. Clean Car Wash


Stand alone store interior

Merchandising Need

Custom fixture package that speaks to Mr. Clean’s brand of bright colors and clean whites. The store environment is designed around primary, bright colors promoting the Mr. Clean image of quality, service and value.


  • Build an interior that is inviting and comfortable
  • Educate the consumer on the value of full service car wash
  • Entertain the children to the point of them wanting to visit the wash
  • Modularize the solution to make it easy to ship, install and maintain

Kosakura Solution

Kosakura took Mr. Clean’s design concepts and built them into a usable, clean working retail environment. Kosakura interviewed the merchandising vendors to see how they wanted the fixtures designed and changed out certain materials to ensure the fixtures would hold up in such a harsh environment. We even designed, engineered and fabricated water guns that sit inside the lobby so the kids could spray water on the cars through the tunnel.

Unique Challenges

It is not often that we are asked to design water cannons for clients, but with the engineering and design resources in place, Kosakura took on the challenge and built guns that looked cool, made crazy noises and had the kids coming back for more.


Based on web blogs, it looks like we got it right. (Show web blog here www.  ) Mr. Clean has plans for many more stores over the next few years and Kosakura supplying them a full solution store.



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