Healthy Spot

Healthy Spot


Healthy Spot Pet Store

Merchandising Need

This new pet store concepts required a high end fixture package that differentiated itself from any “mom and pop” or the large box retailers. This urban, high end store caters to a high end clientele and wanted the space to have a spa-like feeling to the store.


  • Spa like feel
  • Very durable as animals will be interacting with fixtures
  • Real wood and glass fixtures for high end look
  • Movable interior fixtures so store can be flexible for merchandising
  • Open and clean feelin

Kosakura Solution

Kosakur worked directly with the architect to bring the concept to life. A bamboo veneer was used with a soy stain that had a very organic feel to the store. Lighting and glass kept the space open and bright.

Unique Challenges

This store had to be opened in record time. Kosakura worked multiple shifts to get the units fabricated and built in less than 5 weeks. Like many new stores, we spent much time modifying the program on the fly to make it work in the field.


This prototype store was an instant winner. Sales have been very strong and there are plans to roll the concept to other destinations in the coming year.



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