Home Depot

Merchandising Need

Ability to merchandise many SKU’s and color samples while keeping the message and benefits to the forefront of the display. Program needed to fit the Home Depot model, yet still be perceived as a high end brand inside the warehouse.


  • Ability for customer to interact with the display
  • Merchandise multiple kitchen lines in the same large bay
  • Modular design to switch SKU’s in and out of display
  • Add new kitchen counter surface to liven up display

Kosakura Solution

Working with RSI, Kosakura built a prototype area with Depot racks to play "what if" games on the new display design. After many revisions, we added a door pager and spinning merchandiser to get more SKU’s and information into a smaller display package. The displays were designed to install quickly into retail and take advantage of the entire 8' x 20' bay.


The new display program was so well received by Depot that RSI was awarded additional store locations to roll out the new program. This kicked out a competitor and allowed RSI to expand their reach inside Home Depot.

Most display programs have a 4-6% buffer to satisfy problems and issues found with shipping and installing the displays.  This program ran 100%.


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