Pioneer ProDJ


Sam Ash and Guitar Center

Merchandising Need

Pioneer had an issue of how to sell professional disc jockey equipment into retail.  The units are big boxes with buttons, switches and knobs.  The units looked difficult to use and had an intimidating feel to them as the looked very “professional”.


  • Accentuate the Pioneer brand
  • Make it easy to demo
  • Attract the amateur buyer
  • Become a destination spot on the retail floor
  • Ability to change out SKU’s and mix products

Kosakura Solution

This program had to scream cool, “clubby” and exotic.  We took a concert theme and gave the unit a live concert vibe.  Using stage lighting, concert trussing and roadie boxes this display captures the club feel and urges the customer to interact with the unit.  There are over 600 pieces of content (images and videos) to inform and educate consumers from the most novice first time user to a highly skilled professional DJ. The electronic switching allows for a mix and match of any of the Mixers and Players for a truly unique experience. The displays are shipped fully assembled with all Pioneer equipment mounted for a simple in store setup.

Unique Challenges

The engineering of the electronics and switching that went into this unit were quite unique and difficult.  The 9 SKU’s all needed to work together and be paired with their complimentary mate.  There is over 2 miles of wiring in this unit and over 600 pieces of content including videos, photos and music.  All of this had to be served up and switched quickly and easily.

The data tree also became a very time consuming and intricate challenge.  How to lay out the content to show the benefits of the units without over-burdening the concept was a big job. Kosakura and Pioneer worked together to pare down the key deliverables while still educating the consumer on the value of the products.


Kosakura was awarded The GOLD POP of the Times award for Interactive Display.  The units are now being specified for all international markets and specialty retailers are asking for the units for their showrooms.



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