Omni Mount



Sam’s Club

Merchandising Need

Sam’s was looking to sell accessories into their strong flat screen business. Omni needed to get a strong image out to the warehouse store and sell the value of the right mount for the given screen. It was important that each mount could move and the customer see how the screen fit on the mount.


  • Big display with strong branding to show up in the large warehouse
  • Moveable plexiglass that shows the mounts movement
  • 10.2 inch touch screen that compared the different types of mounts for each screen size

Kosakura Solution

Kosakura built a program that showed the mounts working in the warehouse. We made the product the interactive “show” allowing the customers to play with the mounts and see the strength, flexibility and sleek design. We also implemented a floating touch screen that allows customers to narrow their search for the proper mount.

Unique Challenges

The size of this display was very large (8 feet long and 40 inches tall). This size became a problem to get the packed and installed properly. The Kosakura Engineering Team devised a way to componentized the display into 3 separate pieces that bolted together in a simple installation process. This also saved in the shipping as the 3 piece unit shipped on a standard pallet.


Omni Mount replaced another mount company at Sam’s Club and this unit was key to making the program happen.  One of the largest benefits to the program was the drop of the open boxes that always came from Sam’s. Since the touch screen helps the customer pick the correct mount, there are not as many customers returning mounts that do not fit their screen.



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