Monster Beats


Best Buy

Merchandising Need

Beats is a joint development of Interscope Records, Doctor Dre and Monster Cable. This group was looking for something that would catch their primary audience’s attention and look more urban and modern than the competing headphones. Sound quality and a “make it louder” button were big differentiators to this unit.


  • Look urban, Trendy
  • Rock solid design that would hold up in retail
  • Best sound quality for the money
  • Graphic change outs
  • “Play it louder” button

Kosakura Solution

Kosakura competed with three other display companies to win the program. Our design portrayed the urban, rap feel that the customer was after. We made the unit very industrial looking and simple.

Unique Challenges

The design process was very demanding as we had to get approvals from all three camps of the group (Monster, Dr. Dre and Interscope). Each group had their expectation of the unit and what they wanted to portray in retail.


Monster/Beats has been getting great reviews and Kosakura has received many re-runs of the program. The design is now part of the brand and has the look Beats uses throughout their display program. Beats headphones are now in the top 5 in product category. They continue to take market share as the brand and image becomes stronger in retail.



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