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Fry’s and Specialty Retail

Merchandising Need

Linksys introduced a new product launch and wanted to test a display program for the stylish new Wireless Home Audio Line.  They wanted something very high end that showed the quality and functional ease of use of the technology, while educating the customers on how these units worked independently or together as an entire line.


  • Clean look and Feel
  • VERY interactive, but easy to use
  • Movable, portable
  • Viewable from all sides
  • Ability to add/change content via an outboard USB port
  • Great sound
  • Quality and varied materials that represent quality

Kosakura Solution

Designing a display that covers a new product with new technology can be difficult.  We wanted to highlight the different products independently and show them as a family.  We used a spine-like design that had each product suspend in the air, almost floating.  The units could be replaced easily in the field and the back end interactive program was designed to switch different components as the models were upgraded.  We kept the entire unit interactive and VERY user friendly.

Unique Challenges

When we built the prototypes we found that the initial units did not hold up well in shipping.  The spine-like metal tubing was breaking at the welds.  Engineering did not show any faults in the design, but when the units were placed in the truck, the constant movement caused issues with the spines.  Once understood, the units were corrected and adjustements made for production.


The unit was very well received and the specialty retailers liked the ease of use of the display as well as the plug and play nature of the unit.  Unfortunately, Cisco pulled all Wireless Home Audio product from the market and decided to pull out of this portion of the business.


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