flip video

Flip Video


Best Buy, End Cap on Serpentine fixture

Merchandising Need

The Flip camera is known for its ease of use and simplicity. The folks at Flip were looking for a vendor who could take the simplicity of the Flip camera and bring it a display.  Bring the motion and excitement of the Flip brand into the store. Previous displays did not “brand” the units as Flip. Create a buzz in the store to interact with the unit.


  • Interactive
  • Ability to educate
  • differentiate the Flip products from the competition
  • Easy and Fun to play with (like the Flip product)
  • Sell in the new accessory SKU’s
  • Plug and play into the stores

Kosakura Solution

The unique design and ease push buttons of the actual product made it an easy product to duplicate for the display. The ease of use of the camera with only 43 buttons, allowed us to build the interactive buttons as part of the overall enlarged Flip. The ability to hold and feel a camera shows the value and quality of the products.

Unique Challenges

The unit needed to install quickly into the end cap and could not be in assembled in the store.  Kosakura designed a new Serpentine counter top that looked exactly like the old top, but with a silver sheen that matched the display. We also had to supply a hole saw to cut the frame of the Serpentine to accamodate the security tethers that came with the unit. This work allowed the install to be completed in less than 15 minutes.


Flip has seen great results from the installation of the display. Same store sales have risen X%. The Best Buy Associates are now using the unit as a demonstration of the camera and using the display as a sales aide.