Manufacturing General Overview

As you “get your hands dirty” you know what it takes to make the solution work and begin to offer value added services to sell more, save money and be more effective to your clients.


We strongly believe that we must own the fabrication of the project. This is not out of pride or ego, but the fact that you learn and grow with the client as you deliver the solution. You understand first-hand how you can take costs out of the program, how you can add a component to make the solution better.


The ability to balance design and engineering into a dynamic retail program takes many years of experience and market understanding. Kosakura understands that each market segment is unique and each company must portray their brand strength to the consumer. Kosakura is the company that marries creative design with flawless engineering at the point of sale. Breaking up design, engineering and fabrication leads to cost over-runs, scope creep and timeline drag. Unlike many retail companies that are brokers, Kosakura designs, develops and manufactures in house, to deliver a unified offering.


We spent a lot of time reviewing what we will use to build out a solution. This is done for a variety of reasons, portraying your brand correctly, getting costs down, ensuring durability and taking weight out for shipping purposes.

As we design anything we take the utmost care to design around the brand.  A brand will dictate substrates and how things need to look, yet there are many ways to keep the same look yet do it in a better way, using a brushed aluminum laminate in lieu of full metal, as an example.



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